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Robert Louis Stevenson - Grace Bliss Stewart

Edgar Rice Burroughs - Annie Fellows Johnston


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Little Colonel & Mary Ware Series

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The Bobbsey Twins - Laura Lee Hope

Sleepy-Time Tales - Arthur Scott Bailey




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The Georges and the Jewels - Jane Smiley
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK15015)
Home Sweet Zoo - Clare Barnes Jr.
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK1659)
Husky - Rutherford Montgomery
Price: $7.50
(Item: CHILD2)
The Soldier Boy - Oliver Optic
(Item: BOOK11115S)
Cocos Gold - Ralph Hammond
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK1739)
Walton's Intellectual Arithmetic - W. B. Keen & Co
Price: $100.00
(Item: BOOK3210)
The Bobbsey Twins in the Great West - Laura Lee Hope
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK11983)
The Bobbsey Twins at Indian Hollow - Laura Lee Hope
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK11981)
The Bobbsey Twins at the Circus - Laura Lee Hope
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK11982)
The Bobbsey Twins Solve a Mystery - Laura Lee Hope
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK11984)
The Treasure Hunt of the S-18 - Graham M. Dean
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK979)
Girl Scout Handbook - Intermediate Program
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK1176)
Harry's Island - Ralph Henry Barbour
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK1013)
The Little Lame Prince - Miss Mulock
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK11662)
Lives of the Hunted - Ernest Thompson Seton
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK1151)
The Book of Knowledge - Supplement 1938
Price: $10.00
(Item: CHILD28)
The Book of Knowledge - Supplement 1936
Price: $10.00
(Item: CHILD26)
As Children Do - Wilbur D. Nesbit
Price: $15.00
(Item: CHILD36)
Ruth Fielding in Moving Picture - Alice B. Emerson
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK11175)
Little Rose of the Mesa - Madeline Brandeis
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK11083)
Watlala - An Indian of the Northwest
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK3395)
Little Jeanne of France - Madeline Brandeis
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK322)
Little Tony of Italy - Madeline Brandies
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK1716)
The Lone Ranger - Fran Stricker
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK9907)
The Girl Scouts on the Ranch - Edith Lavell
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK9692)
Grace Harlowe at Circle O Ranch - Flower
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK9698)
Grace Harlowe's Return to Overton Campus - Flower
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK9704)
Grace Harlowe Among the Border Guerrillas - Flower
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK9705)
Grace Harlowe on the Lost River Trail - Flower
Price: $10.00
(Item: BOOK9706)
Grace Harlowe with the American Army on the Rhine
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK9709)
Doomed Demons - Eustace L. Adams
Price: $40.00
(Item: BOOK9008)
Elsie's Motherhood - Martha Finley
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK9016)
Emmy, Nicky and Greg - Aline Kilmer
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK328)
The Tale of Nimble Deer - Arthur Scott Bailey
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK326)
Riding Down - Harris Patton
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK8091)
Doomed Demons - Eustace L. Adams
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK8097)
The Pig Brother - Laura E. Richards
Price: $40.00
(Item: BOOK6555)
When Jack Rabbit Was a Little Boy - Paine
Price: $40.00
(Item: BOOK1487)
The Birds' Xmas Carol  Kate Douglas Wiggin
Price: $100.00
(Item: BOOK327)
The Little Colonel At Boarding School
Price: $20.00
(Item: CHILD75)
The Musket Boys under Washington
Price: $20.00
(Item: CHILD61)
The X Bar X Boys Riding for Life
Price: $20.00
(Item: CHILD60)
The X Bar X Boys at the Strange Rodeo
Price: $20.00
(Item: CHILD56)
HERB KENT West Point Cadet
Price: $10.00
(Item: CHILD50)
The Young Engineers On The Gulf
Price: $30.00
(Item: CHILD49)
The Young Engineers in Nevada
Price: $30.00
(Item: CHILD48)
The Young Engineers in Mexico
Price: $30.00
(Item: CHILD47)
Field Flowers  - Eugene Field
Price: $35.00
(Item: CHILD43)
Tiger   Tiny  and Tippy
Price: $5.00
(Item: CHILD35)
1001 Riddles
Price: $14.50
(Item: CHILD34)
Book of Knowledge  Supplement  1940
Price: $6.50
(Item: CHILD29)
Our Ocean Of Air
Price: $9.50
(Item: CHILD25)
Louisa May Alcott - Eight Cousins
Price: $12.50
(Item: CHILD15)
Louisa May Alcott - An Old-Fashioned Girl
Price: $9.50
(Item: CHILD17)
Louisa M. Alcott - Little Men
Price: $12.50
(Item: CHILD19)
The Little Book
Price: $9.50
(Item: CHILD22)
The Boy Inventors' Electric Hydro Aeroplane
Price: $15.00
(Item: CHILD3)
Riddle Book
Price: $7.50
(Item: CHILD4)

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